Welcome to my student ePortfolio. Here I have included a selection of my Experiences, as well as examples of my work for you to view. This portfolio contains reflections upon my Experiences and Artifacts across a range of skills and settings including academic, work, community and personal and is presented as evidence of my success in these skill areas.

You can view more information on me and how you contact me under the About section.  Part A – Career Planning outlines my 2-5 Year Professional Development Plan and my Career Goals and contains my resume. My fieldwork experiences can be viewed under Part B – Fieldwork Placements and my professional development activities can be seen under Part C – Professional Development Activities. Examples of my work as an information professional can be seen in Part D – Professional at Work.

The requirements used to construct this ePortfolio sections and content were based on the IFN620 Professional Practice for Information Professionals Assessment Brief. Please consult this brief for further information about each section of this ePortfolio and their subsequent requirements.

My ePortfolio’s aim is to show myself as an up and coming information professional. Please check out my experiences as I enter the exciting world of information!


Some more information about me 🙂

Part A – Career Planning

View my resume and professional development program which includes my career goals and my professional development plan.

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