ePortfolio, what is it good for?

I have spent a fair bit of time over the last 4 years working on and off on my ePortfolio. I have created posts, pages, menus. I have changed themes, images, fonts. I have added videos, links, documents and other blogs to it. And in the end I am still only scratching the surface of this rich resource.

By creating this ePortfolio I have learnt a lot. Not only in the creation of a WordPress site but also in regards to information management, knowledge management, information organisation and accessibility of information. I have had to think about what knowledge I wanted to share and was relevant and how to best present it. This definitely built on my knowledge management skills as I had to select which knowledge was relevant for my own professional development purposes and also that fitted the requirements of the assessment brief.

Managing the information I included and making is accessible was a challenge. There are a variety of ways you can do this on WordPress sites and the variety of options was sometimes overwhelming and made the decision hard. In the end though I was able to use skills I had developed from the course of my Masters and pick a method that I feel allows people to easily navigate and find the information included within my portfolio.

The biggest strength of completing this portfolio is the chance it has given me to reflect on my own experiences. Instead of letting ideas, knowledge and skills I have learnt fade into the background I have been forced to think, reflect and record these experiences. This has been an amazing experience as I could fully understand what I had learnt and how I could relate it to being a Library and Information professional. It has also allowed me to easily recall training I have done, skills I have developed and new knowledge I have gained. For instance, I have reflected on each new job I have had over the last 4 years and how each of them has helped me grow as an Information Professional. This will and has helped me immensely in my career as I have a record of what I have done to show current and prospective employers. It also means I won’t easily forget the skills I do have, how I can use them and perhaps what skills I still need to work on.life-is-beautiful-905868_1280

Overall, the experience of creating and maintaining an ePortfolio has been greatly beneficial. I aim to continue to use this as a way to record my experiences as an Information Professional and also as a tool to demonstrate my skills and experience to employers. Going forward I know this will be a valuable resource for me  and am looking forward to what the future may bring for me as a librarian and an Information Professional 🙂


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