Library Adviser proof

Every year at QUT we have our Performance Planning Review. Here is my 2015 PPR as a Library Adviser at the QUT Gardens Point Library where I worked with the Business Team. I have included this in my portfolio as it shows the work I have been doing as an information professional.

I have had the opportunity to assist in the development of learning tools, such as videos, provided research support to academics and worked face to face with clients on the help desk. This role has really allowed me to develop as an information professional and utilise the skills I have learnt in my Masters course. This includes looking at how information is provided to users and what meets users needs the most i.e. short, informative how to videos regarding difficult to use databases. Also, working on the help desk has improved my referencing interview skills and I am able to successfully interpret the information needs of users and help them find the answers they need as well as teaching them the skills for further information retrieval.

Overall, this particular document shows my progress as an information professional and demonstrates the skills I have and am developing.


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