Video killed the…handout?

Throughout the last 6 months or so I have been continuously working on my video creating skills. This has eventuated in my created on a user manual for a legal database, Timebase LawOne. This was part of my assessment for my Legal Librarianship course I completed at QUT.

I have created a series of six videos that show you the features and how to use this database. The videos are nice and short so users do not need to commit a lot of time and effort to get some helpful information. I am including these videos as part of my portfolio as they show how I have been able to quickly learn new technologies and produce something innovative and useful for clients. The development of my video creation skills has been a really good professional development activity as I believe these skills will become more and more useful as information becomes more online than ever before.

Please find my video below. I welcome any feedback 🙂


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